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Notarize and authenticate your data online

CertiMint enables everyone to prove the existence, integrity and signature of any document or data. Powered by Blockchain.

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CertiMint Certificate example

Proof of existence

Anchoring on Blockchain enables you to ensure and certify that a document or dataset existed at a particular point in time. Crucial for contracts, research data, medical records and secure logs.

Proof of integrity example

Proof of integrity

CertiMint generates a unique cryptographic hash, or “fingerprint” for your data, that is recorded into the Blockchain. At any point in the future, you can prove that you have the authenticity of your copy of a document or file.

Certimint website confirms that files are sent for signing

Proof of signature

Your data stored in the Blockchain is not public. The Blockchain contains only the unique cryptographic hash of your data. Having said that, the proofs of the existence, integrity, ownership and signatures can be independently verified by anyone, at anytime without access to the actual data.

How it works

Integrate CertiMint and Blockchain based data anchoring into your application workflow in four easy steps.


Prepare your data

Choose to either send files or raw data to the CertiMint platform, or keep your data completely private by hashing it with SHA3-512 before sending it through.


Transmit your data to the API

Transmitting the data or hashes to the platform via a simple REST API call or directly via the CertiMint website. You will receive a seal identifier for use in step three.


Merkle trees and anchoring

CertiMint will then bundle up your hashes into a Merkle Tree and anchor this tree into the Ethereum and Bitcoin Blockchain.


Retrieve the cryptoseals

You can now download the computer readable cryptoseal for you file or data, or download a user-friendly PDF certificate, both via the API and the CertiMint website.

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Customer success stories

Empowering individuals and business’ by providing a solution for immutable, trustworthy and secure data powered by the Blockchain technology.

People that are shaking hands on a deal.


‘Thrust’ is the power of the engine, ‘trust’ is the fuel. On the one hand, trust between human beings and organizations is built up very slowly. On the other hand, we notice that people are changing jobs more often.
By registering ‘who brings what’, what is confidential and what is public information in an immutable way, the flow of information and the co-creation process between an employer and an employee become more transparent and auditable.
Powered by blockchain, CertiMint allows companies to get full control of their data flow, and boost trust and efficiency.

A picture from vegetables in a supermarket.


The more transparency there is in the industrialisation and the supply of food, the better the products will be ... and the happier the consumers.
Blockchain enables retail companies to track their items across the supply chain, creating a real-time and immutable record from farm to fork.
By integrating CertiMint into their supply chain workflow, retail companies can improve food traceability, enhance sustainable consumption and reduce food waste.

A person signing a contract.


Blockchain opens up a world of possibilities for lawyers and notaries. Because blockchain offers completely secured records in a way that is far more efficient than traditional methods, it can be used in an array of legal use cases, like land registries or administering all kinds of agreements (MOUs, cooperation contracts, consortium agreements, lease agreements, the purchase or the sale of a property deeds, etc).

CertiMint helps to digitize the administrative and legal procedures. While repetitive administrative tasks are being carried out by blockchain, notaries and lawyers can take care of their clients and focus on the more fascinating, complex aspects of their job.


It is estimated that billions of dollars in creative revenues are lost each year due to piracy. This massive loss is a huge problem for artists worldwide who, very often, can’t prove the authenticity and ownership of their work.
CertiMint enables artists to secure the authenticity of their artwork. No matter what file format the artwork is in, CertiMint provides an indisputable and tamper-proof record that it existed at a particular point in time and that it is owned by a particular person. This gives artists a strong legal proof that is recognized in more and more countries.

Can your business use some Blockchain based trust?

Frequently asked questions

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Getting started

  • Why use CertiMint?

    CertiMint provides a solution for the critical components of digital certification. It allows anyone to produce a proof of existence, a proof of integrity and a proof of signature for any file or document, without the need for an intermediary.

    • Register who is the owner of a file or document.
    • Register that a file or document existed at a certain point of time.
    • Verify that a file or document has not been altered.
    • Register the transfer of ownership of a file or document between parties.
    • Register a process or chain of events for a specific file or document by linking subsequent actions and transactions to it.
  • Who typically uses CertiMint?

    Anyone that wants to register a file or document.

    • Whether it is to prove ownership; artists, writers, copywriters, architects, academics, etc.
    • To prove a document existed at a certain point in time; academics, notaries, lawyers, patent applicants, employment seekers, etc.
    • To prove a document has not been altered; notaries, lawyers, accountants, etc.
    • To prove a transfer of ownership; notaries, lawyers, participants in a supply chain, bankers etc.
    • To prove the integrity or sustainability of a process; participants in a supply chain, manufacturers, accountants, human resources, etc
  • How does CertiMint guarantees privacy and security?

    The key advantages of using CertiMint are anonymity, privacy and integrity. It delivers a permanent and unique identity for every file or document processed by CertiMint. As the document's existence is permanently validated by the public Blockchain, proving its integrity does not depend on or need to trust any central authority or the IT system of a third-party.

    Parties who have an interest in the integrity of files and documents can trust the certainty and security that CertiMint provides through peer-to-peer validation. With CertiMint only the link to a file or document is stored in an encrypted format publicly and is retrievable only by permissioned parties when needed, keeping the original document away from unintended eyes.


  • Why should I seal something?

    Sealing is document-registration in a confidential system providing, non-repudiation, verification of authenticity and proof of integrity with absolute non-disclosure of the contents of the file or document.

  • What does sealing prove?

    It demonstrates data ownership without revealing actual data: You can publicly reveal the unique identity of the data (hash) and if conflict should arise, you can prove you had the data that generated the unique identity.

    It delivers a timestamp. You can prove the data that created the unique identity existed at a historical moment in time. As we use public Blockchains (Bitcoin, Ethereum) to store the document proof, you can certify the existence of your file or document without the need of a central authority.

    It makes checking the integrity of a file or document instantaneous. When you store the automatically generated proof for your document and later upload it in CertiMint, CertiMint will instantly recognize whether it is completely and fully the same. Even the slightest alterations to a file or document will be instantly recognized, providing the security that valuable data storage requires.

    The combination of the unique identifier, timestamp and the verification capabilities of CertiMint are a powerful tool for copyrighted material, patents, contracts or any file or document that contains valuable information.

Account & Pricing plans

  • How to setup an account?

    Click this link, enter your info and you are good to go with a trial account. A trial account provides 10 free seals to test out the service.

    After the trial, select a default package that suits your needs, send us an email or give us a call to discuss a custom pricing plan for your organisation.

  • How many users are allowed per account?

    As many as you want. There is no limit.

  • How does the free trial work?

    You can get the full CertiMint functionality free for the first 10 seals.

    • We will not charge you for these 10 seals.
    • After the trial, use send us an email or give us a call to discuss a custom pricing plan
  • What if I exceed the limits of my plan?

    During the free trial, you cannot go over the maximum number of seals, that is only possible with a paid plan.

    If you are about to exceed the limit for sealing of the free trial, select one of the default plans or give us a call to switch to a paid plan and continue to use CertiMint.

    If you are about to exceed the monthly limit of your current paid plan, you will be billed for each extra seal at the “overage price” specified in your contract.


  • How does sealing work technically?

    The full technical descripton can be found in our developer portal.


Choose the pricing plan that best fits your needs.

€ 20

Per Month

  • 50 seals
  • Unlimited signatures
  • Unlimited verifications
  • Next business day support
  • Cost per seal: € 0.40
  • Overage cost: € 1/seal
  • Start a 14 day trial
€ 50

Per Month

  • 200 seals
  • Unlimited signatures
  • Unlimited verifications
  • Next business day support
  • Cost per seal: € 0.25
  • Overage cost: € 0.75/seal
  • Start a 14 day trial
Best Value
€ 100

Per Month

  • 1000 seals
  • Unlimited signatures
  • Unlimited verifications
  • Next business day support
  • Cost per seal: € 0.10
  • Overage cost: € 0.50/seal
  • Start a 14 day trial


  • > 15000 seals
  • Unlimited signatures
  • Unlimited verifications
  • Next business day support
  • Cost per seal: less than € 0.10
  • Overage cost: TBD
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